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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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enemy that's totally insincere of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. up ahead, we have great news for you, sean hannity takes over from new york, seven seconds early! >> sean: thank you. i wanted to hear more from gle glenn. getting lectured by people that pushed the moscow ridge, the whole group ek, i frankly don't need their lectures. tucker, great show. welcome to "hannity," great to be a backup he had a great thanksgiving. we start breaking tonight, new developments out of georgia and arizona, the trump campaign continue to investigate election irregularities, allegations of voter fraud kayleigh mcenany, lindsey graham, franc reince pr, and sidney powell will be here. we get exclusive reaction to the presidential pardon. of the work she did on behalf of lieutenant general michael flynn four years of that they put him through. i want to start with this.
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after the grueling year, let's be honest, it's a tough election year for everybody. that's where we want to start tonight. i went to share some of my key conclusions. if i'm telling you how i feel, i don't care, i could care less wt the fake, phony, selective outrage from the media mob he is. if i'm not interested nor do i think any of us should be interested and want they tell us they find offensive. the sanctimonious high-minded concern all of the site about america democracy. we, frankly, don't need lectures about truth, about integrity, from what is a depraved group of democratic donors, the media mob, and democrats that never accepted the results of 2016.
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ever. i don't care what they think. they lie to you and us for four years on the most spectacular level. they dragged to this country through with the russian lies, conspiracy theories, and a hoax they pushed for years. it was all a lie. the l.a. fans the lie. they all advance the conspiracy theory. it was never a trump-russia collusion, no collusion. they paneled that phony clinton paibought and paid for phony russian disinformation dossier the one that claimed donald trump had, in his bed. that's what they sold as truth to the american people for three years. peddling the lies. they had no problem with leave phony dossier. they never detract at the funny stories. they didn't care that the phony dossier was used to secure fisa
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warrants to spy on the presidential candidate and then a president for four years. so, all of you in the media mob, oh, this is a threat to democracy asking about election irregularities, save us your phony b.s. lectures. they are meaningless. if you this country through hec, you did it with the impeachment which hunt and then you ignored and protected the real quid pro quo joe. zero experience hunter. the family of biden and their massive payouts. oh, from the bear reads my group, the ukrainian oligarch, russian oligarchs, first lady of moscow, the $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china. of course, shopping sprees from chinese nationals. you shielded the weak, frail, cognitively struggling joe, the entire election. the 78-year-old guy, democrat was allowed to hide in his basement bunker. the media that lectures us now,
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they allow that. they were biden's attack dogs, they did the bludgeoning of trump were by then. for the media, there is no honesty, no fairness, no fidelity, truth, we don't need a lecture. a four year long and they never accepted this president, try to delegitimize them every second, every hour of every day. >> were looking at the possibility of the president of the united states and those around him during the election campaign colluded with a hostile foreign power under lying the basis of our democracy. >> were going to find out the new president of our country is going to do what russia wants. >> this is evidence of willingness to commit collusion. >> this clown about collusion with russia will hang over him wherever he stands. >> some will say with confidence that there is a significant evidence of collusion between the campaign in russia. >> what it means the federal judge found that people in
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trump's organization were colluded in demand with a rush appeared >> it looks like collusion, listening to putin more than he is american intelligence. frankly, i've never seen that before. >> sean: those same packs are mending we the american people, 74 million strong are falling in line and accepting their new standards. investigating what are valid affidavits and claims by fellow american citizens under the threat of perjury. a fraud. this is a bad joke. >> d's in 12 hour period where the president assaulted dedicated civil servants while simultaneously trying to undermine the outcome of an election. >> these tactics both by the president and his campaign, by republicans to support him, that after the election, the election officials are now subject to lobbying, pressure, or threats.
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the only way to stop that's becoming the new normal at least in republican politics, is for l for it. >> i never thought i would see a day where you saw pretty much an entire party in this country refused to accept election results. >> sean: amazing how they changed, for years they lined russian disinformation that hillary played for. there are that out of touch. that's the mob, that's what i called the media mob. they're not looking for, there is nothing more than a glorified overpaid weight. they will spread lies, conspiracy theories, temper tantrums, give us the lectures, and we can take a few weeks to investigate election irregularities. new political survey, 80% of trump voters believe the election was tainted with fraud. if you have every right not to have faith in congress and why did all the other states get it right? we have a right to be concerned for her to follow the facts, highlights concerning
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allegations and irregularities. we will review highly unusual voting patterns in america swing states. now, that is because we are not the media mob. we, in this hour, were not told what to say. i don't fight the information on this program that i give out. we have been independent, follow our own path on the show. that's not going to change for me ever. we've added obama, nobody else will tell you about the acorn, a linsky, community organizing, black liberation, theology, the reverend jeremiah wright, arison doran. the media gave obama a pass. on the show, we did not. we were vindicated also, look at the horowitz report, the russia lies, i don't know what jerome will get, it's a little late. we've been right on quid pro quo joe and zero experience hunter. we vetted the bidens family pay for play schemes, the media mob ignored it all. by the way, we will continue to
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investigate. now the media buries their head in the sand, we're going to investigate the integrity of the election. we better get to the bottom of it but we will never see an election or have confidence. again, ever. that's not good for the country in the long run, is a question mark let's recap what we know. several critical swing states, we know election laws were broken. we know partisan observers, language allows them to watch the counting of votes from start to finish. every vote. they'll push six, 20, 100 feet away from voting counting processes. pennsylvania democrats attempted to unilaterally change the law and counts of late arriving in ballots with or without a postmark. governor kemp secretary of sta state, both republicans bow down to democrats in the march lawsuit of this year and created a unequal voter verification signature verification system relaxing the rules were mail-in ballots.
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according to the current lawsuit, the signature matching procedure for mailing ballots was influenced by guidance and trade in the materials just produced by the democratic par democratic party. wow. governor kemp refuses to step up. he has the power to call the legislator into session. to correct his states unfair voting rolls, democrats will have a huge advantage in the upcoming senate runoff. that will be on january 5th. he says he has no powers. he has alone the power to call the special session. do it, governor. this is the tip of the iceberg. according to reports, reports of dead people in states voting from beyond the grave. others receiving mailing ballots. we also know that still living voters, multiple duplicate ballots. others lawfully requested ballots and never got there voting materials in the mail. some house races believe it or not have yet to be called. the counting is still underway. yeah, i actually agree with the
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"the new york times." i agree in 2005, we had a report, james baker, jimmy carter, concluded absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud. rudy giuliani tried to detail some of the issues in the state of arizona. it took a look. >> we had numerous situations of of workers, your city, the pole official helping to the point of telling the poll workers being observed the change in votes. changing votes and making sure that they were provided. >> sean: arizona 1 of 28 states to use election equipment and software from a company called dominion systems. we've looked at it also on the program. they have long come under scrutiny. interesting from the media mob from democrats, from republicans.
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yesterday we learned that dominion software crashed in georgia's fulton county is now causing further delays in the states recount going on now. according to "the new york times," those dominion voting systems cause serious issues during the georgia primary several months ago. of 2019, three democratic senators, warren, global chart, wrote letters about the security and reliability of dominion and other voting systems. 2018, the ap reported dominion long skimped on security and favor of convenience making it more difficult he didn't detect intrusion. at same mere tenured princeton professor actualizing and specializing in election machinery policy and security, he blasted dominion over securities concerns. at the state of texas in 2019 rejected dominions voting systems twice and in once in 2013. while? they failed to meet security standards. logically, any system, you've got the media mob, liberal
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democrats, conservative republicans agreeing on and facing that much criticism. i would like to know why they 28 states used to the system. don't we deserve the best? we are the united states. we sent people to the moon and brought them home. we should be able to develop a system that all sides have confidence in. apparently, we do not. we also have the ability to forensically analyze the vote. ththose machines, nobody could take a look at them. important in a close election where patterns defy precedents. it lets go through them. of president trump increased his vote total by more than 10 mills over 2016. at around 74 million votes for donald trump. if biden enters the white house, president trump would be the first incumbent to gain votes and reelection and lose the election since grover cleveland. that's about 150 years ago. far from the only abnormality. biden could be the first
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candidate in 60 years to lose florida or ohio, but still become president. was in close and the two states. of now, also as we move further, many well according to "the wall street journal," 19 bellwether counties correctly pick the president each year since reagan, 18 of the bellwether counties voted trump. average of 15%. only a few for biden. joe biden actually underperformed clinton in major liberal cities across america, including new york, chicago, and l.a. but he outperformed clinton in swing state cities, milwaukee, atlanta, detroit, philly. how convenient. similarly, biden underperformed with african-american voters nationwide. several critical swing states and you saw how managed captured the higher percentage of the vote. how convenient. right states. don't forget about the ballot races of the 2 27 toss-ups republicans were in the leading and won every single one.
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biden's vote total now stands at 80 million. more than any other elected president would be, if you get elected to, in history. a 15 million more votes than obama in 2012. 15 million more than hillary in 2016. maybe it's just me, i had no idea joe was that popular. this is the same bite and i could barely get 15 people to attend the rally the week before the election. to say the least, the results are unusual, they deserve scrutiny, the entire election frankly was unusual. of course the president said that if the electoral college poster joe biden he said he will leave the white house. he has a duty though, we all have a duty to investigate. it let's see, irregularities, listen to americans that are signing legal affidavits and verify the integrity of the election. if we don't get it right, we lose the republic. it's kind of serious. here with mark, kayleigh mcenany. i'm just kind of tired of being lectured by the people that pushed as my friend dan longino saidan bonginosaid.
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we are lectured about what we should talk about or not talked about in? >> the journalists that peddle like, conspiracy theories, never held accountable. now not asking a single question. those are facts, sean, when you just know that are hard, cold facts. you had an election where we had mass mail and coatings on the nationwide scale never tried before this level. you had these anomalies in places like pennsylvania, another great article by daniel horowitz noting that in pennsylvania where last time in 2016, 1% of male and ballots were rejected. if they get rid of signature maps and .038% are rejected. that means they accepted 27 times more absentee ballots because they got rid of signature matches. they fixed them in some counties and not others and the result was a election that did not capture the vote of the american
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people. of >> sean: to me, mathematically, shows one thing. if they did not reject at the same rights, it means they did not get the same scrutiny as in previous elections. which mean the law is not being followed. it's simple, right? >> is a very simple. and, sean, this designed happened long before the covid pandemic. this design the very first bill, nancy pelosi put forward when she got the gavel, the first bill, hr one was the created system without signature match, crating a system where you had automatic voter registration and illegal immigrants. you cannot purge the ballot rules and make sure everyone on there was a live voter with an address. if the vote failed. hr one, what did she do? she is at the covid relief funding to put it in there aga again. make no mistake we lose in georgia, we don't prevail in the
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litigation, the tie-breaking vote of kamala harris will create a system by which the republicans will never be able to succeed where mail and balloting is the law of every state. >> sean: when i said i don't that the program, i bet the program, we vet the facts. we've got obama right, rush our rights, ukraine right. we vetted biden when nobody else would in the biden family. we're not told told what to do. they get everything wrong every single time. where do the updates, what do you see the best opportunity for the trump campaign to make the legal arguments? >> the state to watch this week is the state of nevada. it we've been granted discovery and what that means in the litigation world is this. if we are now allowed to impose witnesses and notably, democrats are fighting tooth and nail for us to not to be able to pose witnesses and ask questions. if we've been granted that in nevada. the moment we were granted bats, are to our attorneys were
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suddenly matched by ten attorneys from the people who did fusion. if you want to throw it election integrate tea, mark elias was put on the top of the case because they don't want to ask the questions that we will be asking until wednesday going to thursday in the state of nevada. >> sean: it's kayleigh, thank you for keeping us updated. more reaction, white house chief of staff reince priebus. the one thing that's interesting is you talked about in wisconsin. what's the latest there? >> thank you for having me on, sean. in wisconsin, the way it works you have to go through the recount process. at that means you have thousands of volunteers that are trained. they are going through every single ballot into big, big counties and they're making their objections. if you would object based on the fact that the clerk put in the address or you might object because there's not a absentee ballot request form. so, the volunteers are saying if
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they object to this sort object to that, object t to the outcome of the canvassing board which is controlled by democrats, they say, no, no, no, no. then the trump campaign put their brief together and present a case to the court. the brief is going to the court tomorrow that now lists out the 150,000 plus ballots that are objected to. the reasons for the objections and then the court will rule and direct the canvassing work to either change their ruling or they're going to affirm the ruling, which then can have an effect on the governor's certification of electors, which has to be done obviously by december 14th. >> sean: so explain the dash what's interesting, you have a precedent they are that's befo before. so, it seems favorable, am i wrong in reading that? >> the legal -- the difference
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in wisconsin compared to a lot of other states that you're talking about is this is a straight up question of state law. the question is, can clerks in the state of wisconsin created their own system of early voting, which is not lawful in the state of wisconsin. but they created their own system of absentee ballot voting in person. they said, well, you can come in in person and vote absentee. but we are just going to use this envelope as their application. in wisconsin, it's not allowable under the law, is unequivocal. the application has to be filled out and the application the law says, the application has to be stored with the municipal clerks. >> sean: it was. >> they have to be scored with a company, two different pieces of paper and it wasn't done. that's one of the arguments and there's others of course. >> sean: votes?
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>> over 150,000. by the way, on the law, this is a good legal argument. but the challenge is going to be is that the court is going to have to agree on the law, which they should, and then get to the remedy. and then the remedy is flying the ballot out of the box which is what the law requires. there's other cases that have been decided on the exact same fact pattern in the favor of what the trump argument is. it's a very different state than what the other states are doing. >> sean: of wow, as i said from the beginning i knew it was coming, but i think this is a very strong legal argument. reince, they give for the update. when we come back, the department of justice released a copy of trump is report of michael flynn. sidney powell will join us. after the threat from andrew weissmann that joe biden's ag needs to go after
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donald trump, if he is presidents, i'm sorry, the president probably should bart and himself and his own family. it that's what the pitfalls calling for. all eyes on georgia. if we have an update, sidney powell and newt gingrich next. ♪ now, simparica trio simplifies protection. ticks and fleas? see ya! heartworm disease? no way! simparica trio is the first chewable that delivers all this protection. and simparica trio is demonstrated safe for puppies. it's simple: go with simparica trio.
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♪ >> sean: than i, president trump's part and a former national security advisor michael flynn is official. if the long four-year legal saga that expose the massive abuse of power by the fbi, bro's prosecutorial misconduct, undeniable corruption inside the deedeep state. four years of his life stolen. the democrats, mob media, they continued to smear general flynn and public trade the on justice.
6:28 pm
because of his support of the president, subjected for years of total which turns out to be a group of corrupt dirty crops who frankly are not held accountable which should be held accountable. early january 2017, before president trump was sworn into office, the fbi determined flynn had done nothing wrong. the hurricane investigation found no evidence of collusion associated with donald trump and three years of lies. all over the summer we got more documents and we learn by 2017, no derogatory material on flynn and the fbi files, no derogatory material in defense intelligence finals. no derogatory material in the cia files. january 4th, 2017, case against flynn was supposed to be closed. if that's until the fbi leadership on the seventh floor got involved and on the same day, corrupt leader peter strzok
6:29 pm
pleaded with the colleague don't close out the case. it was just a few weeks later the fbi agent believed to be well one of the top guys, treat, admission, or get flynn to line so we can prosecute him or get him fired? the ambush flynn and the white house something he said he would not do under bush or obama are get away with and don't forget it was joe biden along with his allies in the deep states that were floating let's use the logan act from 1799. nobody has ever been convicted with that but let's go after that with the american hero. he read the reaction, michael flynn's attorney, sidney powell. it's amazing what the last four years were like. was he or was he not threaten to? the fbi after they ambushed him didn't take he lied, correct? >> correct.
6:30 pm
general flynn and always was innocent. there should never have been an investigation of him at all. the fbi and the government finally admitted that and in their motion to dismissed they had no reason to talk to him about anything. he was honest with the agents as they briefed multiple people in the doj and fbi immediately after interviewing him. they knew he was telling the truth. they just proceeded to persecute him to foster the whole russia collusion and obstruction narrative that the democrats had begun to paint the presidency of donald trump and tried to destroy it in general flynn and anyone else they needed to in the process. it was absolutely a travesty of justice. >> sean: little-known fact i think you need to clarify, that he pled guilty. that's true. the question is, why? did they threaten his family and
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say, if you don't agree to plead guilty, and follow the sword, we will go after your kid and family. it is not true? >> that's true. there's more reasons for it than that. they first misrepresented the situation to him completely. they hid all the exculpatory evidence from him. they led him to believe that agents themselves thought he was lying so the governments own documents show what i was itsel. they threatened his son in a very distressed. of time after they bankrupted him through months and months of litigation over fear filing that they made up of the statements about, general flynn's filing was valid. it was one escapade after the other end the abuse of power by the fbi and then the special counsel operation to target and destroy general flynn. >> sean: let me ask you about, it appeared publicly that there was a split.
6:32 pm
you are part of the attorneys for trump on the election investigation fraud issue. you said you were never part of that, their legal team, but you worked with them in some regard. let me ask you and i ask you about this on the radio show today. i've gone everything i've been able to find a nobody like dominion voting systems, nobody. the professor, three democrats, the state of texas, they have problems in georgia, "the new york times," the ap. why would we use a system that everybody agreed socks or had problems is beyond me. i add and ask you today that there were people watching a internet connection in real time that they can't speak publicly and have signed affidavits to that. why? >> there's a number of reasons. some are within the government. some are possibly in different roles that require confidentiality.
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they are not in a position where they can come forward without certain protections in place. that's something that the government really needs to give them if they want to get to the truth of all the matters, with which we are gathering more evidence every day. >> sean: 's own, we really can't hear from them and they can't sign a affidavits until they get the protections and my question is to yield, you know, a lot of ways, has anyone forensically examined to these machines since the election? >> we've only been allowed access to a few of them although my cocounsel from the flynn case got a discovery order from the court today in nevada. he's been doing a great job out there trying to get more information. and got the discovery order entered today. they will be collecting a lot more evidence from nevada where there was massive corruption. we've got evidence of corruption all across the country and countless districts.
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the machine ran a algorithm that shaved of votes from trump and awarded them to biden. they use the machines to trash large batches of votes that should have been awarded to president trump. they use the machines to inject and add massive quantities of votes for mr. biden. the only reason -- >> sean: i thought, i thought -- i thought democrats told us we like whistle-blowers. if you're saying these people can't talk because they're going to use their job? >> they're going to lose their job, their lives have been threatened. of one witness we know of got beaten up and is in the hospita. there's been all kinds of repercussions against people who have come forward to tell the truth. now, democrats don't like whistle-blowers. the only like liars who claim their whistle-blowers. >> sean: they like hearsay whistle-blowers. if these people have something to say, we should be able to hear them. and you know, at some point, if everybody disagrees that the voting system was not the best,
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the media, democrats, republicans, now we have to ask why did we use them? if these people can speak i would love to have the chance to interview them. of sydney, thank you. all right, all eyes tonight on georgia ahead of the general fits runoffs that will determine control of the senate. suspicious activity already spurring a investigation into groups trying to register out-of-state. coming to georgia tech and spoke, that's another threat to the integrity of our election. at the georgia governor and georgia secretary of state have been awful. they need to do more, like calling session of legislature and instill confidence of the voting process. this impacts the whole country. if serious questions need to be answered regarding valid irregularities in plac in placee fulton county. if the judges aren't going to say okay, were not going to erase the voting machines and now you can't erase them come out. ask yourself, why is it when
6:36 pm
stacey abrams that she didn't concede the governor's race from two years ago, the media lavishes her. it democrats love her. questioning any regularity is a conspiracy theory and the people who sold us the russian line. here to explain, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. this election is important but i don't see changes being made like, for example, signature verification. why is george -- why do the governor and secretary of state not calling legislature back? >> look, i think you have to give stacey abrams a lot of credit. she dominates governor kemp. she dominates secretary of state roethlisberger. the subsidiaries of stacey abrams, they're doing things that are outrageous and illegal. it's clear, the governor should be asking the state election board to bring abramson under oath and find out some of her
6:37 pm
claims. some of her claims imply vote gathering, which is illegal in georgia. at the same time, the secretary of state is already established boxes we drop off ballots, the only purpose is vote harvesting which is illegal in georgia. if they have and change the rules on absentee voting which makes it impossible to find out whether or not if the person sad they were voting and if there signature matched. to me, as a republican, it's been truly astounding to have a republican governor and republican secretary of state do such a extraordinary dye job. on the other hand, when you watch san francisco john oscar and you realize that he awarded and raised 80% of the money outside of georgia, the first fund-raiser after the runoff was in the san francisco restaurant. you look at how truly radical they are. i actually think that stacy will not be able to gather enough
6:38 pm
votes. at the republicans will turn out, i think that the swing voters are going to look at how radical they would be. and they will think about giving biden control of the senate to pack the supreme court, raise taxes, and the position of columbia's estate. i think they will vote against these two radicals. but it's truly a mess and i frankly hope governor kemp and secretary of state ross is burger are held accountable for allowing this to happen. >> sean: i was talking about the double standard, the media, three years, russia, russia, based on the spot and pay for russian disinformation dossier. you can't make it up, it's a spy novel. then you've got robert mueller's pitbull, andrew weissmann, riding in "the new york times" that he believes that the next attorney general of biden should investigate trump and
6:39 pm
warrant to prosecute him for potential crimes going back to russia. and the obstruction on russia when it was based on a phony dossier. i read that and i said on the air today, three years this guy did this. and if that is what they want to do, i'd tell president trump part in yourself and part in your family. these people are based on the phony dossier. >> listen, you have to start with a very simple premise. they hate trump. if they will do anything they can to cause pain to trump or to cause pain to anybody who has worked for trump or who has supported trump, or spoken out n favor of trump. this is a cultural civil war. these people are playing for black. it shouldn't surprise us. >> sean: what would you do? the part in absolute. the president based on wiseman's threats, does he have to pardon
6:40 pm
himself and his family out the door because they wanted to pursue this guy into the great if that happens? >> i think it's something that the president do should ask some key attorney's advice on including the attorney general. i think it's a real danger. we've never criminalize the presidency as a way that the left has now talked about. this is going to become a very dangerous country if you're faced with the prospect of the one you leave office, you go to jail. if not because he did anything wrong, but because your enemies hate you. more and more, resemble venezuela, zimbabwe, cuba, or della ross. if any the countries that are truly third world dictatorships where the elections are totally false. where the laws changed to go after the opposition. people like wiseman are generally dangerous. >> sean: it's sad.
6:41 pm
i mean come on that level of psychotic hatred is unbelievable. mr. speaker, thank you. joe biden continues to reach into the recycling bin of failed obama operatives to staff the administration. pick the highly controversial discredited democrat operative neera tanden to be his budget of office of management director, which is a senate confirmed position. long troubling history of promoting conspiracy theories, smears against republicans, 2018 suggesting the steele dossier, with the, mostly proven true. said that -- the one that said they were in trump's bed. promoting the smears against justice kavanaugh, the conspiracy theories in 2016. "the federalist" pointed out, he's been on a tweet deleting spree getting rid of thousands of tweets. here are the reaction, senator lindsey graham.
6:42 pm
it let me go to wiseman's op-ed. three years, a dossier now that led to for fisa warrants. you've got james comey, sally yates, rod roman saying they would not have signed the phis application. now wiseman is saying if biden became president his age he needs t to go after trump on the same thing. if i'm donald trump and i'm reading this, what do i have to pardon myself and my family on the way out the door? it sounds like it. >> what i can say is there is no mulligans here. he spent $25 million, for the fbi agents, 50 prosecutors, 500 witnesses interviewed, 2500 subpoenas, and they found nothing. about georgia, if we win both georgia seats and have 52 republican senators, the
6:43 pm
attorney general nominee if trump fall short in biden winds will become the judiciary committee run by chuck bradley. there is no way in heck he's going to be confirmed i would agree with weissmann. if we lose both senate seats in georgia, and nick derman will be chairman of the senate judiciary committee most likely. if we win both seats in georgia, i will be the budget chairman. anybody of the omb director has to become the budget committee for hearings to be confirmed. i think i would ask different questions than bernie sanders who is to be the budget chairman of the democrats weren't in florida. if you stop this nonsense, make sure that not job doesn't become the director of the budget. in charge of the offensive management budget, make sure that we win in georgia. if you want to make sure and weissmann doesn't his way, biden can pick an attorney general that will try to destroy president trump yet again, make sure that republicans win in georgia.
6:44 pm
>> sean: doesn't that put a chill up your spine? if we don't get to the bottom of the irregularities, republicans will never win again. >> to my friends in georgia, all you need is one person is to validate a signature on the mail-in ballot. at secretary of state talks about a driver's license being used when you apply for a mail in ballots. that's if you go online, but if you request in the mail there's no such process. what would be helpful is the governor would call in the state legislature do require a bipartisan signature verification. the january 5th election that both sides, not just one personally. i hope they do that. time will tell. the seats matter. >> sean: i don't like the way this is lining up. they don't show any interest in calling a legislative session to make sure the problems they have are fixed for the benefit of the people. they have the drop boxes
6:45 pm
everywhere. it senator, thank you. when we come back, the mamba 's ready to take for biden. you want believe the lease example. sarah sanchez, job to joe concha next. ♪
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♪ >> sean: media mob, they don't try to hide their bias anymore. a fake new cnn reporter caitlin collins is being ridiculed for this tweets. congratulating herself and her colleagues were getting president trump to answer questions last week. having gotten asked a question in three weeks. they let biden go the entire campaign without answering questions. it really? new york toilet paper times after riding nothing but slanderous articles about the president for four years now roads of this hard-hitting piece about biden bringing a cats in
6:51 pm
the white house. important news. here with reaction, former white house press secretary sarah sanders, fox news contributor joe concha. you know, sarah, he lived through the russian media daily lies based on the russian disinformation dossier based on -- that was the basis of the fisa warrants. i don't know, does anyone in the media ever correct the record after three years of lies? >> not only did they not correct the record, but they kept trying to push the story long after we had spent millions of taxpayer dollars, hundreds of thousands of hours and testimony over 500 witnesses came through that process. if they still kept trying to push it after all that had been completed. but we found out they are absolutely was no they are there. listen, this is no surprise. the media has been in the tank for joe biden and against donald trump since the day donald trump first ran for office.
6:52 pm
they hate him and they hate everybody around him, and they give everybody else a total free pass. the idea that they were proud of themselves of pushing for a question to the most successful president in u.s. history is pretty laughable in so many wa ways. >> sean: joe, you follow the media. the double standard has never been this bad. i go back and i said we are independent on the show, i don't have any management vetting, we do our job. we vetted obama, nobody else did. we did the russia, we were vindicated by the horowitz report. we vetted biden, they'd wouldn't do that either. we went to the biden corruption then they went into it. this is independent. we do our things different here. if you ask a question about voting irregularity, conspiracy theory, but from the same people that did it for three years. >> you mentioned the obama white house before, sean, as far as the way they treated the
6:53 pm
price. a lot of people in the business belief, well, oh, good, joe biden presidency we get to go back to that where president obama may have treated them in a friendly manner and treated them with respect. but if you look at the record, and sarah brought it up before, president trump's must successful president we had in taking more questions in four years than any other president has by a country mile. remember, it was the obama-find an administration that on james rosen who was with the network at the time. if it was the obama-died administration that seized ap reporter phone records secretly. it was the biden-obama administration that had the word freedom act. at the height of the crisis were we had double-digit unemployment, 2009, the president at the time obama was trying to sell obamacare, he went 380 days without a solo press conference. that's a full term presidency plus a month. if that's what you're going to see now with joe biden.
6:54 pm
very little accessibility and very little scrutiny from the press and criticizing and not giving them that accessibility, sean. >> sean: i want to see one thing play out, and they give both, we know biden this week, we know he's frail, struggling cognitively. i'm guessing we probably won't see a lot of him. it will be interesting to see if this becomes an issue. i think they will continue to protect him, sort of like the media mob campaign protection program. it like the witness protection program. all right, guys, thank you. more "hannity" after this. ♪
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♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left tonight. you know what, we are proud of the fact that we have always remained independent. we vetted obama and nobody else
7:00 pm
wed. we got to the bottom of the russia hoax, the rest of the media lied on a spectacular level. it never admitted it. in an investigation with biden -- neither his campaign or his corruption. we will stay with all of it. we will be independent. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues with laura ingraham. >> laura: hannity, did you have a good thanksgiving? >> sean: i did, you? >> laura: i had a great thanksgiving. >> sean: i needed a break, but i'm out of it. >> laura: okay. >> sean: can you believe wiseman -- three years of a witch hunt? no collusion. if there's a new ig, investigate trump. these people are sick are sick. >> laura: this is all they know how to do. we know they want to know how to grow the economy because it's going to flatline. but they do know how to trump up investigations against conservatives who happen to be inconvenient to the eli


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